Reason #15:
Loaded with things you didn’t know you needed

Coworking is a new way of sharing office space. It’s all about sharing resources that most people don’t have access to working remotely or independently. Use our amenities and grow through sharing ideas with other members. As you work at 15 Perry, you’ll find that there are many benefits of having flexible, creative space that are hiding just below the surface.

Reason #14:
Get out of traffic

No one likes sitting in miles of stopped cars just to go to and from work each day. Commute nearby to a professional setting that’s surrounded by small-town charm. Although we’re located in the heart of historic downtown Newnan, we offer the same amenities Atlanta has to offer.

Reason #13:
Bring your pet to work

We’d love to meet your pet! There’s something about having your dog around that keeps things fresh and fun. And they’ll love being around you all day instead of being stuck at home. Having your pet at work can “soften” the setting and create a warmer atmosphere for your business.

Reason #12:
Be more productive

There’s something missing from working from home: social pressure. Being around like-minded people who are working hard and focused on making things happen might be the daily motivation you need to get things done. Since our environment encourages creative collaboration, you find that 15 Perry is ideal for getting work done and keeping your team happy.

Reason #11:
Space to host events, workshops, parties

Our building is extremely flexible and it is yours: you can use the space we have however you like. Host a lunch-and-learn for your team, a company launch party, birthday party, or big client meetings. Our space can be reconfigured however you like.

Reason #10:
Build your reputation

Freelancers and small businesses looking to grow find that having a “real office” can build their reputation and further legitimize their work. While more and more people are freelancing and working remotely, there’s a sense of confidence and notoriety that comes from working out of your own office.

Reason #9:
Share contacts

“Six degrees of separation” could not be clearer in a coworking space. Our members love sharing and introducing others to their business contacts. Everyone knows there is truth to “It’s all about who you know”, and coworking is a great way to expand your contacts list.

Reason #8:
Be a part of the local startup community

We host events, local meetups, and get-togethers to build our community. We want our members to feel caught up in something bigger than themselves. By offering chances to network and learn, we’re building a community of entrepreneurs.

Reason #7:
Leverage the community

Need a recommendation on a consultant? Need to lean into a copywriter for their opinion? What about asking the graphic designer to take a quick look at your project? Being able to work in a community offers opportunities to talk shop over coffee, get a recommendation, or garner feedback in real time—interactions you would miss out on working from home or buried in your laptop in the coffee shop.

Reason #6:
Make friends

Getting to know your work neighbors is a great way to be a part of the bigger community. We’re located next to 11 bars and restaurants and it’s very common for people to go to lunch together, grab dinner after work with their spouses, or attend happy hour to relax and unwind.

Reason #5:
Make business contacts

An obvious benefit of working with other companies and professionals is the ability to network, collaborate, and make connections for your business. Using a coworking space is a way to offer your employees a culture of a larger business without the cost or administrative hassles. Freelancers can also leverage the community for an outside opinion or collaborate with other freelancers.

Reason #4:
Great place to meet clients

Working from home or the local coffee shop can be an easy and inexpensive alternative to office space. However, the distractions of home can sometimes make it the worst place to concentrate. Whether your children want your attention or the laundry is calling your name, removing distractions and immersing yourself in a professional setting is the best way to increase productivity.

Reason #3:
Office space is expensive

As fun and energizing it can be to work out of a coworking facility, it’s hard to dispute how much money it can save you. Moving into a private office costs money: furniture, equipment, utilities, fridge, hiring a receptionist. It makes more sense to invest in your company and people and simply borrow the rest. Membership fees for our coworking space can warrant big savings.

Reason #2:
Coworking is Flexible

Do you have commitment issues? Most office spaces require you to sign a one year lease and sometimes even longer. Having the flexibility to go month-to-month or even day-to-day in the rollercoaster world of entrepreneurship can be a big help for small businesses and individuals alike. 15 Perry offers a variety of spaces for every kind of business at every kind of price point. And the best part – grow your space as your grow your business. Easily move into a bigger office to accommodate more people as you grow your team.

Reason #1:
Working Alone Sucks

There are many benefits working from home, but a hidden downside of the home office is a lack of social interaction. Simply being around other people in our coworking space can be a great motivator and can inspire you to do more.

Now that you see how good Coworking can be,