The Academy for Business Leadership

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15 Perry Street is very excited to announce the opening of The Academy for Business Leadership with world-class training and special pricing for 15 Perry Street members.
The ACADEMY is owned and facilitated by Abby Hirsch Phillips, a world class trainer with 25 years of experience training and coaching business leaders and individual contributors across the United States, Europe and Australia.
On Friday, June 23 The ACADEMY for Business Leadership will begin a series of classes here at 15 Perry Street that will empower business leaders from small and big businesses alike to grow their companies with world class training.
The series will be attended by some of South Atlanta’s most influential business people throughout the summer and will include:

July 14th: Social Media Marketing: Content & Strategy

August 4th: Exemplary Customer Service: Differentiating Yourself

August 8th: Sales: Lead Generation, Nurturing, and the Sales Conversation

August 18th: Productivity and Goal Setting Mastery

August 22nd: Social Media for Sales: Researching, Prospecting, and Connection

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a decision maker inside of a larger organization, you will benefit from the wealth of information shared in this suite of classes, beginning with this first class on Productivity and Goal Setting Mastery.

If you would like more information about this topic, please see our Academy registration page at
For further questions, please reach out to Abby directly at 678.457.4565 or email at [email protected]m.

We are pleased to offer special pricing for 15 Perry Street members as a perk of membership. If you are a 15 Perry Street member, please contact John Shaak for a registration code that will provide you with special pricing to attend the trainings.

Summer Wined-Up

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Summer is coming to Newnan, and what better time to have a wine-tasting event?

This year we are partnering with Mainstreet Newnan for its Summer Wined-up event where guests can explore downtown with a “wine walk” through 25 locations, and of course 15 Perry Street will be one of them.

If you like wine, want to discover our place or both, make sure to join us on June 9th!

Tickets are in limited availability so grab yours as soon as you can at:

Information about parking space, hours and details are also available on Mainstreet Newnan’s website.

Freelance Fridays

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Have you ever heard of Jellies? No, not the Jelly beans!

Jellies are a casual work event where everyone’s invited. It’s for anyone who’d like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment.
Some Jellies are held in people’s homes (that’s how it started), others are in coffee shops and businesses. You bring your laptop and some work, and the Jelly provides wifi, a table and chairs, and smart people to bounce ideas off and collaborate.

At 15 Perry Street we decided we wanted to help bring people together in our friendly environment, and that’s why we are launching our Freelance Fridays!

If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or you simply work from home and want to get out and meet new people, then join us for an afternoon and discover our place for free.
We’ll start it off with a coworking afternoon, where everyone will be able to get some work done in a new environment and discover what 15 Perry is all about, and end the day with a Happy Hour with beer, wine and snacks for everyone!

Please make sure to follow our facebook page and join the upcoming events if you are interested, and invite any of your friends who would be interested in joining us as well.


Tucked Away Music Day

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Tucked Away Music Day is going to be a special event in Downtown Newnan. 6 bands will be performing around the downtown area tucked away in parking lots and alleys all on maps that are being produced by Main Street Newnan.  Look for the maps here when they are ready.  At 15 Perry Street we have decided to go over the top with our celebration offering free BBQ sandwiches and free beer (wait, did he say free beer!) from Abide Brewery and Ace City Growlers, while it lasts. Gabe Neal will perform starting at 1:30PM and will play until 3PM. Come see an awesome band, enjoy the best homemade BBQ and some awesome Abide beer from right here in Newnan!

Join us here :

Ladies Self Defense Class

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That’s right! On May 15th The Coweta County Sheriff will be meeting up with us to hold a class designed specifically to help ladies know exactly what to do in a tricky situation. The class will consist of approximately 30-40 minutes of classroom (lecture) about how to avoid becoming a victim of a crime and what options are available in these situations, and, approximately 1-1 ½ hours of practical exercises.

Space is limited and as always, our members and their families get first dibs, but give us a call if your interested and we’ll see if we can add you to the list.